CoolTone™ is the new muscle-strengthening counterpart to CoolSculpting, by Allergan. Wink Med has been a leading CoolSculpting practice and Allergan partner for years, so it is only natural to announce:

Cooltone has arrived to Wink Med in Austin, Texas.


Just what is CoolTone™? It’s Allergan’s breakthrough innovation for firming and improving muscle tone in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and legs. It works by electromagnetic stimulation of muscle fibers, resulting in increased muscle strength and mass. The frequency of muscle contractions induced by CoolTone™ is beyond what normal exercise can achieve. We can’t wait to see the results our clients will achieve with CoolTone™!


Now is a great time to visit with us and learn how CoolTone can help improve muscle tone and strength in the midsection and lower body. Book a consultation with us here and come see the Wink Med team to learn more!


Uses: The CoolTone device is FDA-cleared for improvement of abdominal tone, strengthening of the abdominal muscles, and development for firmer abdomen. CoolTone is also FDA-cleared for strengthening, toning, and firming of buttocks and thighs.
Important Safety Information: The CoolTone procedure is not for everyone. CoolTone should not be used in the head or heart area. You should not have the CoolTone treatment in areas with metal or electronic implants/devices like cardiac pacemakers, implanted hearing devices, implanted defibrillators, implanted neurostimulators, drug pumps, and hearing aids. Tell your doctor if you have any medical conditions and any known sensitivities or allergies as CoolTone should not be used over menstruating uterus, over areas of the skin that lack normal sensation, in areas of new bone growth, or in patients with fever, malignant tumor, hemorrhagic conditions, epilepsy, recent surgical procedure, pulmonary valve defect, pregnancy, sensitivity or allergy to latex.
CoolTone should be used with caution in patients with Graves’ disease (an autoimmune disorder that causes overactive thyroid), active bleeding disorders, or seizure disorders.
Women who are close to menstruation may find that it comes sooner, or cramping is increased or intensified with CoolTone treatments, therefore, it is recommended to not undergo treatment during this time of the month.
Side effects may include, but are not limited to, muscular pain, temporary muscle spasm, temporary joint or tendon pain, and redness at or near the treatment site.