Daily Defense®

An Essential Part of your Daily Regimen!

This fragrance-free, water-resistant sunscreen provides critical UVA (think anti-aging) protection with its in-part zinc oxide sunscreen. The base formula has a silky lotion texture that’s best for normal to oily skin. The base formula is not a slam-dunk for breakout-prone skin, but as is the case with most sunscreens, you need to experiment to see how this texture feels to you. The amount of zinc oxide is unlikely to cause or worsen breakouts.

SkinMedica included some notable antioxidants, which is always a plus for any SPF-rated product. All in all, though pricey, this is a very good sunscreen to consider. Just keep in mind that you may be less likely to apply this liberally because of its cost—and that puts your skin at risk for more sun damage.

* Broad-spectrum sun protection includes zinc oxide for reliable UVA screening.
* Contains proven antioxidants to help boosts skin’s defenses and repair damage.
* Fragrance-free, silky lotion texture.

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