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This before and after shows one Month Post-Treatment.  Results will continue and usually Peak at 6 months. Most patients only need one treatment every 1-2 years. We think this is very exciting!
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Make Your Skin Awesome All Summer Long

All benefits and no downtime! 
  • Introducing PRX T33, a 30% TCA Peel (which is a big deal) – a  proprietary formulation that doesn’t incur photosensitivity so you don’t have to hide from the sun. 
  • And, MOXI is the ultimate “lunch break” procedure that is great for those looking to prevent minimal signs of aging or targeting sun damage spots. Safe on all skin types.

Introducing Moxi

A Gentle New Way to Revitalize Your Skin

Moxi comfortably delivers non-ablative laser energy to revitalize your skin by correcting the initial signs of sun damage and aging, no matter the season or your skin type. You’ll love the fact that this lunchtime procedure can fit into your active lifestyle any time of year.

  • Fast and easy. Low-to-no downtime.
  • Comfortable treatments may require anesthetic cream
  • SIMPLE post-care, stay out of the sun
  • 24 HOURS post-treatment makeup can be applied

BBL, Halo, SkinPen and has beautiful results for hair restoration.

We have PRX T33

Tighter, younger-looking skin

The PRX-T33 functions entirely differently than most chemical peels; in fact, there won’t be any peeling at all. The PRX-T33 leaves the epidermis alone completely meaning that there won’t be any flakiness or dryness after the fact. The results of this treatment can be felt immediately after your visit! Each subsequent treatment will build upon the last, further enhancing your rejuvenating results. We recommend 3-5 treatments for the best skin outcome.

Join Club U and Lock in Savings!

  • $10/unit BOTOX (normally $12/unit)
  • $50 Off any Dermal Filler Syringe
  • 10% Off any Skincare Product

$150/Year Membership Fee

Club Wink for Monthly Facials & Savings

ClubWink is an affordable way to keep your skin looking beautiful! Club Wink members enjoy discounted Services, Products and Injectables. For more information regarding “ClubWink” or Monthly Specials, call 512-263-2400 or schedule a Free consultation.

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