About Dysport®

Dysport® is a newer, FDA-approved wrinkle relaxer now available at our Lakeway medspa. It may be an ideal choice if you are younger than 65 and need to treat moderate to severe frown lines, also known as glabellar lines or the dreaded “11s.”

The active ingredient in Dysport® is abobotulinumtoxinA, a unique type of botulinum neurotoxin that is slightly more potent than the one used in BOTOX® Cosmetic. It also works by temporarily paralyzing specific muscles to soften and prevent furrows between the brows.

The FDA first approved Dysport® in 2009. Like BOTOX® Cosmetic, it has many off-label uses in addition to its FDA-approved application.

The Procedure

If you are interested in getting Dysport® injections at our facility, we will schedule an initial consultation to see if you are a good candidate and to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Once you are ready for treatment, we’ll cleanse your skin and numb the area if needed. The procedure is nearly painless, but some patients say they feel a mild pinch. The product is injected into muscles between the eyebrows in several different spots. The treatment usually takes only 15 to 20 minutes to complete, and you can resume most activities almost immediately.

The Results

Most of our clients notice a difference in their furrows as soon as two to three days after treatment. The softening effect can last three to four months, though individual results vary. What’s really exciting about Dysport® is that the results are natural-looking — nearly 98 percent of users say their results look natural and that they would use this product again as a result.

Request a Dysport® Consultation

At Wink Medical Aesthetics, our goal is to get to know you and enhance your beauty your way. Wrinkle relaxers can be administered lightly to give you a more subtly refreshed appearance or more strongly to give you the “frozen” look that some patients prefer.

Whichever your preference, we do a thorough consultation to understand your desired look so that you may have the outcome you love. Request your consultation today.


How long do wrinkle relaxers last?

The results from wrinkle relaxers last three to five months for most people. You can maintain your results with touch-up treatments scheduled a few times per year.

Will my face look frozen after wrinkle relaxers?

Not when performed by skilled injectors! Wrinkle relaxer results depend a lot on the expertise and experience of your provider. Our aestheticians are well-known for having an “eye” for injectables and the skill to carry the treatments out seamlessly.

What should I avoid after treatment?

We recommend avoiding strenuous exercise and sun exposure in the first four to 24 hours after treatment. Exercising can cause the active ingredient to migrate to other parts of the face. It is also a good idea to avoid facial peels, lasers and waxing the area for two weeks.

How many injections will I receive?

Treatment with wrinkle relaxers needs to be customized according to patient needs and wants. Some people need more units than others. On average, patients receive five injections for frown lines, six for crow’s feet and five for forehead lines.

Will it hurt?

The needles used during a wrinkle relaxer treatment are super thin and nearly painless. Most clients feel only a pinch rather than pain during injections. If you are pain-sensitive, we can numb the treatment area with ice or numbing cream.

Can botulinum toxin injections prevent wrinkles?

Yes! When you start getting wrinkle relaxers as soon as you notice the first signs of aging, you can help prevent the formation of dynamic wrinkles as you grow older. In other words, anti-wrinkle injections can be a prophylactic measure.

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