Are you in pursuit of a dewy glow that keeps your skin looking smooth and youthful? At Wink Medical Aesthetics, we have just the treatment you’ve been looking for. SkinVive is the newest hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable by Juvéderm that uses a unique microdroplet formula to deeply hydrate your skin and improve texture to help you achieve a softer appearance.

What Is SkinVive?

SkinVive stands out as the world’s first FDA-approved HA microdroplet injectable. SkinVive isn’t a filler or an ordinary skin treatment — it’s a hydration booster designed to rejuvenate your complexion naturally from within. When injected into the cheeks, SkinVive deposits HA microdroplets that attract and absorb water to improve the softness and texture of your skin. The result is a smooth appearance and dewy glow lasting up to six months.

How Does SkinVive Work?

Both SkinVive and dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid to improve the health and appearance of your skin. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that binds to water molecules and keeps our skin firm and supple, but production of this essential component decreases with age. SkinVive uses a modified HA formula in a microdroplet gel to increase hydration below the surface of the skin without adding volume or changing the shape of your face, keeping you looking like you but with a distinct, rejuvenated glow.

What Concerns Does SkinVive Treat?

  • Fine lines: SkinVive can soften fine lines to reduce the signs of early aging.
  • Rough, uneven texture: SkinVive improves overall skin texture in the cheeks to give you a smoother facial appearance.
  • Acne scars: SkinVive provides a slight plumping effect that can help make mild acne scars less noticeable.
  • Dull, dehydrated skin: SkinVive adds moisture to combat concerns like dullness, dryness and dehydration to give your skin a refreshed, hydrated look.
  • Loss of elasticity: SkinVive enhances your skin’s elasticity to help it feel softer and more supple.

The SkinVive Effect

With its capability to attract and retain moisture, hyaluronic acid has long been considered the holy grail for healthy skin. However, HA production starts to decline with age, contributing to a number of concerns like dullness, worsening skin texture and a loss of elasticity. SkinVive uses the power of HA to combat these unfavorable changes and restore a youthful glow. The benefits of treatment go beyond simple hydration to give your skin “The SkinVive Effect.”

  • Rehydrates for a noticeable glow
  • Gives your skin a soft, supple feel
  • Enhances overall skin texture
  • Improves elasticity and softness
  • Reduces the appearance of minor scars and fine lines
  • Offers results lasting up to six months
  • Safe for all skin tones and types
  • Minimally invasive treatment with zero downtime

In clinical trials, patients reported a softer complexion and a healthy, dewy glow that lasted up to six months. SkinVive deeply hydrates the cheeks and midface, making it ideal for refreshing your appearance without adding volume or changing your natural look.

Ideal Candidates for SkinVive

SkinVive is considered safe and effective for all skin tones and types. This FDA-approved treatment is ideal for men and women of all ages looking to rejuvenate their appearance with a boost of hydration. Whether you’re in your 20s or 30s and looking to combat the early signs of aging, or you want to restore a youthful glow, SkinVive can help you reach your goals. At Wink Medical Aesthetics, we recommend SkinVive for the following patients:

  • Men and women aged 21 or older who want to give their skin a “soft focus” effect
  • Anyone looking to address concerns like dullness, dryness or an uneven texture
  • Patients in their 20s or 30s who want to reduce the early signs of aging
  • Patients in their 40s, 50s or above who want to restore a glowing, youthful appearance

Candidates for this procedure should have no known allergies to any of the ingredients used in SkinVive and have realistic expectations regarding the outcome of treatment. During an initial consultation, our team of experienced injectors and licensed aestheticians will evaluate your unique needs, concerns and goals to determine if SkinVive is right for you.

What to Expect During Treatment

SkinVive treatments are quick and convenient, typically requiring less than 15 minutes to complete. Injections are performed in-office and involve little to no discomfort. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what to expect on the day of your SkinVive treatment:

Cleansing the Skin:

The first step is a thorough cleansing of your skin to remove any makeup, dirt, or oils, preparing your skin for treatment and reducing the risk of infection.

Utilizing an Ultra-Fine Needle:

The next step involves injecting the HA microdroplet formula beneath the skin to restore softness and hydration.We use an ultra-fine needle to minimize discomfort and provide a gentle treatment experience.

Targeted Injections:

SkinVive is FDA-approved for use in the cheeks and midface, key areas where the signs of aging, dehydration, and dullness are most apparent. The techniques we use for injection are both meticulous and strategic, ensuring an even distribution of the product beneath the skin for optimal results.

No Need for Additional Numbing:

One of the advantages of SkinVive is that it contains lidocaine, a mild local anesthetic. This addition to the formula helps numb the treatment area to significantly reduce any potential discomfort. As a result, there’s usually no need for additional numbing agents or pre-treatment anesthetic creams.

Immediate Return to Daily Activities:

Following treatment, you can go home and resume your normal routine. SkinVive is a minimally invasive procedure that involves no downtime. However, for the best possible results, we advise avoiding direct sun exposure and strenuous activities for a short period following treatment.

SkinVive provides an ideal solution for those looking to enhance their skin’s appearance with minimal interruption to their busy lives. Its simplicity, combined with the expertise of Wink’s skilled providers, offers an effective and convenient path to rejuvenated, hydrated skin.

SkinVive Recovery & Results

No downtime or recovery is expected following your SkinVive treatment. However, you may experience bruising at the injection sites, and this is completely normal. Our team may recommend the use of ice packs to reduce bruising, along with massaging the treated area to ensure an even distribution of product beneath the skin. For best results, we also recommend avoiding sun exposure and strenuous activities or exercise for at least 24 hours after leaving our office.

You will see an immediate improvement in the softness and smoothness of treated areas. You’ll also notice a healthy, youthful glow. These improvements will continue to develop as the HA microdroplets integrate beneath the surface of your skin and increase hydration in the cheeks and midface. You can expect your full results to appear within one week and last up to six months. You can prolong your results by combining SkinVive with other rejuvenating treatments like HydraFacial or using medical-grade skincare products.

Experience Age-Defying Hydration and Restore a Healthy Glow With SkinVive at Wink Medical Aesthetics

If you’re ready to bring out the best in your skin and unlock a healthy glow with SkinVive, schedule your appointment at Wink Medical Aesthetics today. Our team can develop a personalized treatment plan and help you achieve a softer, smoother complexion that makes your friends wonder what your secret is. Get started by calling our office in Lakeway, Texas, at 512-456-3520 or click here to book your appointment online.


How many SkinVive treatments are needed to achieve optimal results?

The number of SkinVive treatments needed for optimal results may vary depending on your needs and desired outcome. Generally, most patients notice a significant improvement in skin softness and texture after just one treatment. These results can be maintained with a touch-up every six months. During your consultation, our team can provide a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique skin care goals.

Are there any side effects associated with SkinVive?

SkinVive is a minimally invasive treatment with few risks or side effects. However, it’s possible to experience temporary swelling, bruising or redness at the injection sites. These are typically mild and resolve within a day or two. Rarely, more serious side effects such as infection or allergic reactions can occur, but our team takes steps to minimize these risks.

How much product is needed for noticeable results?

SkinVive treatments usually involve two syringes carefully injected into the cheeks and midface — one for each side. However, more or less may be needed depending on your unique goals. Your aesthetician will determine the appropriate amount of product needed to achieve the desired effects based on a thorough assessment of your skin during your consultation.

Can I wear makeup immediately after my SkinVive treatment?

We recommend waiting at least a few hours before applying makeup after your treatment. This allows the injection sites to heal and reduces the risk of irritation or infection. Our team will give you specific aftercare instructions, including when it’s safe to resume using makeup.

Is it possible to combine SkinVive with other treatments?

Yes! SkinVive can be safely combined with other aesthetic procedures such as microneedling, dermal fillers or wrinkle relaxers. At Wink, our experienced team can develop a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs and treatment goals.

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