What Are the Best Treatments for Rosacea?

At Wink, we believe that red should only be an accessory. If you’re struggling with skin redness, we can help. Rosacea is a complex skin condition causing redness, bumps and middle-age acne. The following treatments can be useful in treating all types of redness:

  • BBL Hero: The BBL Hero photofacial is an effective way to eliminate or dramatically reduce the appearance of redness from rosacea and spider veins on the face. The results on spider veins can be immediate. Photofacials may need to be used in series for deeper and more complete relief of the redness.
  • MOXI: MOXI provides gentle rejuvenation that can be effective for improving concerns such as redness and rosacea, reducing flare-ups and improving the overall tone of your skin. This treatment can be combined with BBL Hero for optimal results.

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