Skin Laxity

What Are the Best Treatments for Skin Laxity?

Skin laxity occurs when the skin loses its structure, firmness and tightness, causing it to sag. At Wink, our favorite treatments for tightening the skin include:

  • Ultherapy: The most powerful skin-tightening device on the market is Ultherapy. It uses ultrasound technology for effective, noninvasive skin tightening with no downtime. Wink is proud to be one of the first providers of this cutting-edge technology.
  • HALO Laser Rejuvenation: HALO uses two wavelengths of energy to target skin concerns on multiple levels, including the deeper dermal layers. By stimulating collagen production, this laser can help tighten the skin in treated areas.
  • MOXI: The MOXI laser heats tissues to stimulate renewed collagen production without harming the top layer of skin, making it effective at treating mild laxity and sagging.

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