Intraceuticals Facials – Loved by ‘The Crown’ Stars – Now at

The Crown’s leading ladies get camera-ready with Intraceuticals Facials by Lord Gavin McLeod-Valentine.

Gavin grew up in Scotland as a bonafide lord before becoming the A-list’s favorite skin guru, treating the likes of Kim Kardashian with his legendary Intraceuticals oxygen facial. Celebrity facialist Lord Gavin McLeod-Valentine uses Intraceuticals oxygen facials – a treatment loved by Kim Kardashian – to help 45-year-old Olivia Colman play the Queen in her 30s in the new series of Netflix’s The Crown.

Now he’s been preparing the faces of Olivia Colman and Helena Bonham Carter for their royal duties – a job perfectly matched to his aristocratic upbringing.

Different Intraceuticals serums were required for Gavin’s leading ladies.

‘For Olivia, the collagen booster serum was key because it added volume to her cheeks and gave a real sense of bouncy youth to her skin,’ he says.

‘With Helena, the antioxidant serum was what I really recommended because it puts a light bulb under the skin when it gets tired.’

‘They both looked like themselves, but almost retouched in real life.’

FULL STORY By Lynne Hyland Mirror UK Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatments Now Available at in Austin, Texas.

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