Medical Grade vs. Over the Counter Skincare Products

“What’s the difference between medical-grade products and skin care products sold over the counter at Sephora, Neimans and others?”   One of the biggest differences is the quality of active ingredients and the amount of active ingredients.

Quality of ingredients refers to “you get what you pay for.”  Over-the-counter products are not held to the same standard as medical grade products. The FDA requires medical grade products to be backed by science, proving that they work.  It takes years of research to design these formulations.  For example, the physician-dispensed brand, SkinMedica, was founded by physicians and is rooted in science.  Their products are backed by countless independent studies and use proven ingredients.  Most over-the-counter skin care products do not have studies nor the research to back them up.

The FDA also allows medical grade products to have a higher dosage or percentage of active ingredients than over-the-counter products.  For example, Skinmedica offers a growth factor product called TNS Recovery Complex® that is 93.6 percent stabilized human growth factors. Growth factor products benefit anyone with visible signs of facial aging and improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, texture, and discoloration.  

Although some over-the-counter products claim to have the same ingredients, chances are the amount is less and possibly not in a stable form like that used in physician-grade products. In addition, physician-grade products use advanced delivery systems that allow the product to penetrate the skin more effectively. With over-the-counter products, the full strength is lost before it even penetrates the skin.  A more stable form with higher concentrations will bring the best results.  This can only happen with medical grade products.

Medical grade products are the best choice if you are looking to truly change your skin!  Worried they will break the bank?  Many times, we find that folks are either spending just about the same on products from department stores and not seeing any change or spending more because they keep buying new over the counter products and are disappointed in the results.  Over the counter products may come in pretty packages, but they don’t deliver the prettiest results! 

You can find Skinmedica and other medical grade skincare products at Wink Medical Aesthetics where Michelle and her team would be happy to give you a consultation. For more information, call 512-263-2400

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