Jane Weafer, L.E.

Jane is a licensed Medical Aesthetician and a skilled Laser Professional. She is a native Texan from Houston. In her early career, she was in office equipment sales for Xerox. Once married and while raising a family she lived in many different states where her husband’s career took them.

Jane has always had a passion for skincare and anti-aging treatments. Once back in Austin she attended Ann Webb Skin Institute for Medical Aesthetics. Having received laser treatments herself, she fell in love with lasers and attended Texas Laser and Esthetics Academy where she became certified as a laser professional. Jane started her medical aesthetics career working at a plastic surgeon’s office and is now excited to work at Wink! Although laser is her passion, she loves all aspects of esthetics and helping her patients look their best at any age. Jane lives in the area with her husband and many pets, and they love spending time with their grown children.

E-mail: info@winkmed.com

Phone: (512) 263-2400

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