Mitzi Bradshaw, L.E.

“You are your choices.”

Mitzi brings a vibrant mix of passion and expertise to her role as a Licensed Medical Aesthetician and Skincare Therapist. A Fine Arts graduate from the University of Tennessee, Mitzi’s artistic journey began with prestigious roles as a makeup artist for luxury brands Chanel and Dior. It wasn’t long before her talents turned towards enhancing skin health, aiming to achieve perfection without the need for makeup.

With over two decades of experience, Mitzi has mastered an impressive array of skin treatments. She’s well-versed in HydraFacial, SkinPen, Peels, Tinting and Oxygen Facial, among others, and is a knowledgeable source for top-tier skincare lines.

Mitzi’s approach to beauty is holistic; she champions the belief that true radiance emanates from within. She takes pride in offering an exceptional experience, focusing on wellness that translates to glowing skin and client contentment.

Ever the student of her craft, Mitzi stays at the forefront of aesthetic innovation, continually honing her skills to elevate her artistic and aesthetic expertise. Away from work, she cherishes time spent in North Carolina with her daughter and grand-puppy Rabbit, explores her passion for painting and enjoys lively moments with her husband.

Mitzi’s moxy translates into guiding her clients towards the best decisions for their inner and outer beauty. Her spirited belief in tradition and freedom reflects her approach to life and work, adding a unique flair to her professional persona.

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