Tammy Cook

“Moments with family are the essence of joy.”

Tammy’s roots trace back to the vibrant Dallas-Ft. Worth area, and it was at The University of Texas at Austin where her journey took an exciting turn. As a cheerleader with a focus on Kinesiology and a minor in Psychology, she found her academic rhythm. It was also within U.T.’s spirited halls that she met Dennis, her husband.

After earning her degree, Tammy dedicated a few years to a Dallas-based physical rehabilitation facility. Not long after, she and her college beau, Dennis, who had embarked on a professional baseball career, tied the knot. This new chapter in her life brought the thrill of traveling across the U.S., exploring the myriad of cities where the game took them.

In 2015, Tammy joined the Wink family and swiftly became indispensable. Whether it’s orchestrating patient care, organizing celebratory events or tackling the occasional “fix it” problem, her role is a glove fit. The joy of working with Wink’s incredible clientele and the camaraderie with the team is a source of daily inspiration for her.

Home life for Tammy is a bustling household with adult triplets—two sons and a daughter (plus a son-in-law)—and a lively crew of two dogs and two granddogs. Leisure time is a blissful retreat to the family’s coast house, engaging in tennis matches or wandering the lush greenbelts of Austin.

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