Wink Client, 54, Shares Experience, Answers Questions about Ultherapy

We asked Kellie, a WinkMed client, to share her experience and thoughts on ULTHERAPY. Kelle has relocated to the DFW area but continues to come back to WinkMed for her MedSpa needs — especially Ultherapy.

What do you like about Ultherapy?

I like that it is cutting-edge laser enhancement with virtually no downtime. Subtle but noticeable differences are almost immediate with more improvements within 3-4 months. No downtime is what I like best as I can continue with my day and weekly schedule of activities immediately following the procedure.

Explain the treatment(s)you received and the number of times you have received them.

Mainly to my neck and jowls at least every year as maintenance (maybe not after I moved). Did the eyes once.

When did you see the results of the treatment?

Subtle changes within a week; prominent changes in neck and jowl shape within 3-4 months.

What areas have you treated with Ultherapy?

Neck, jowls, face, and eyes one time.

Describe the results you notice.

I noticed an uplifting of my eyes when I had them done as if I were more ‘aware’ or ‘awake’. Definitely felt like the procedure made me look younger in my eyes as it seemed to diminish my wrinkles as well. Just between you and I, there must have been a nerve that was hit as the place above my eyebrow was very sensitive for years. I’m kinda hesitant to do it again. I’m sure it’s just me! Now, for the neck…I have very little natural neck contouring, especially as I age (runs in the family). However, after Ultherapy, I feel as if it contours and tightens. Usually the jowl lines and above a little on the face are included as well, and that helps with the entire finished look. I believe I had my face done once and it definitely tightened and toned my skin.

What other procedures or skin regimens do you do?

I have done PRP, facials, Botox, fillers, and use good products. I firmly believe in any kind of laser as a maintenance. I am afraid of surgery and don’t have time for downtime.

Side note: “I moved to D/FW almost 5 years ago. I sure wish that I had Wink as my local go-to. I have visited various D/FW med spas thinking that I could find somewhere that had as good of a technician as April. I have not found anyone who is more detailed, innovative, or experienced in Ultherapy. Most places do not spend the time that is needed to achieve the results that you are paying for. To me, they merely look at it as a procedure or ‘number/client’ and move on to the next one. With Wink, I felt as if I was visiting family or long-time friends every time I walked into their establishment. They truly care about you and want you to attain personal results. They, especially April and her expertise in Ultherapy, she wants to try everything she can for you to meet your goal. I’m finding it harder to get back to the Austin area but I can’t wait until the next time! Wink will be on my list. Thanks for being there and congratulations on so much success!”

— Sincerely, Kellie

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