WinkMed Lakeway Client Story: Coolsculpting

We have hundreds of clients in Lakeway, Bee Cave, Steiner Ranch, and Spicewood. The nature of the beast is people want to be discreet (they don’t want to share their photos with everyone) — if you come in for a consultation, we have a procedure success portfolio to share.  In 2020, we are going to share more client stories (in their words) — our goal is you will relate to story and it is the catalyst to come in for a free consult for Coolscupting, Cooltone, Fillers, Botox or Ulltherapy and other skin rejuvenation procedures. Give us your feedback on this approach. And, come in and see us in January! — Michele Wood, Owner Wink Medical Aesthetics.

Here’s is a WinkMed Lakeway Client, “Shellie”, sharing her Coolsculpting Story:
“Last year around this time, I set up a free consult with Wink to ask about Coolsculpting. I had visited a Plastic surgeon for a liposuction consult about 6 months prior and just decided it was too much downtime and money. And, I didn’t want the scars.

After my Coolsculpting meeting with Michele, I opted to focus on my back fat (love handles– you know the fat that sits between your lower back and butt). This is the area that really bugged me. My love handles made my clothes fit snug and I never felt comfortable wearing tight t-shirts. All I wanted to do is wear a tight t-shirt confidently and not pull at it. 

I set up my time to come in — Wink is down the street so I breezed in and they set me up in the room. I laid on my stomach and brought a book. They affixed the suction device on one side, let me rest/read for about 45 minutes and then came in and did the other side. It was cold and the fat on my back was squeezed into a ball.  It stayed like that for an hour and then was just a little red for the rest of the day. The whole process took a total of 2 hours. It doesn’t happen overnight but my shape changed. My love handles smoothed out. I did it only once. I know some people might go again after 30 days. After 45 days, I started wearing tight t-shirts.  It really works. I’m not going to publish my photo but Michele asked me to write my story, so I am. 

“I also went back and did my lower stomach. I have done it twice now. Trust me, it works, my jeans fit better. I don’t have as much hanging over my waistline. I am going to do the Cooltone machine next. From what I understand, it’s a good thing to do after Coolsculpting — it helps you in a sense do a tone of situps by contracting your muscles for you. I will write more about it after I do it in February.”

I hope my story helps you get more understanding and insight to Coolsculpting.” –-Shellie

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