How To Maximize Your CoolSculpting® Elite Results

CoolSculpting® Elite can help you achieve the shape of your dreams with minimal effort beyond maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All you have to do is complete your recommended course of CoolSculpting® Elite treatments, take a seat and let this revolutionary device do the rest.

In case you are not familiar with it yet, CoolSculpting® Elite is an FDA-cleared treatment that removes stubborn pockets of fat using cryolipolysis, also known as fat-freezing. It is a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction and can produce similarly beautiful body-sculpting results. A single treatment with CoolSculpting® Elite can eliminate up to 25% of fat in the treatment area.

While that might sound like a miracle, there are still things you want to consider to maximize your results. Here are five tips to help you with just that.

Massage the Area

At Wink Medical Aesthetics, it’s customary for our providers to perform a quick massage immediately after a CoolSculpting® Elite treatment. Why? Because studies show that a simple two-minute massage post-treatment improves cryolipolysis results by as much as 68%. That’s quite impressive for such a simple step.

While less is known about the benefits of massaging the treatment area at home, you could give it a try. There should be no harm with short and gentle at-home massages following this treatment, as most of the studies examining this topic have concluded that post-treatment massaging is safe. And heck, there may even be benefits we don’t yet know about!

Stay Hydrated

Being well-hydrated is essential for overall health, well-being and especially the movement of lymphatic fluid. One of the many roles of your lymphatic system is to help remove waste and reduce swelling. Because your body will have to cope with both of these issues following your CoolSculpting® Elite treatments, you can support your lymphatic system by providing the hydration it needs to do its job well. This can help speed up and optimize your results.

The National Academy of Medicine recommends a fluid intake of 13 cups for men and 9 cups for women daily. If you live in a warm climate, are physically very active or sweat a lot, you may need slightly more than these recommended amounts. Keep in mind that your daily fluids can come from both drinks and food.

Limit Alcohol and Caffeine

We always tell clients to avoid alcohol and caffeine for a few hours before and after their CoolSculpting® Elite treatment. That’s because both can elevate your body temperature, which can affect your treatment and results. Caffeine can also create the need for bathroom breaks, which are inconvenient during this type of treatment.

But it’s alcohol that can be especially problematic before treatment. Alcohol thins the blood, which can cause excessive bruising after treatment. In addition to that, alcohol strains the liver, which will be quite busy removing dead fat cells from your body following your CoolSculpting® Elite treatment. It’s best practice to limit your intake of anything that isn’t water or fruit juice both before and after your treatment.

Eat Healthy and Stay Active

Despite what you may have heard, CoolSculpting® Elite is not meant to replace the benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Instead, the treatment is a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction designed to remove stubborn pockets of fat in people who are near their ideal body weight.

So, if you undergo this treatment but stop paying attention to your dietary habits and don’t follow a regular workout routine, you may see those stubborn bulges reappear. While this treatment is proven to reduce fat by up to 25% at the treatment site, the remaining fat cells in your treatment area can and will grow if given the opportunity.

Try Multiple Treatments

Most people get outstanding results from a single CoolSculpting® Elite treatment. But for others, multiple treatment sessions may be a better way to maximize results.

In one study, patients who received two treatments in the hip region experienced a 28% fat reduction compared to only 19% in those who underwent a single session. Remember that the results are less dramatic with each successive treatment than with your initial treatment.

The size of the treatment area, the area being treated and your goals with this treatment will all determine whether you’re a candidate for one or several sessions. And what we mean by several sessions is one to three treatments spaced a few months apart.


The latest innovation in CoolSculpting® technology, CoolSculpting® Elite, offers dramatic fat reduction in nine different areas of the body and can deliver noticeable results in just one session. Although this revolutionary treatment does most of the work for you, there are things you may want to consider doing to get optimal results and enjoy them for as long as possible.

From gentle massages and good hydration, to avoidance of alcohol and caffeine and making sure you exercise regularly, maintaining CoolSculpting® Elite results takes effort. Some patients need to undergo multiple treatments to achieve the results they’re after. With these things in mind, we believe this nonsurgical and simple treatment is one of the best body sculpting procedures today.

We hope to see you soon at Wink Medical Aesthetics! Please contact us here or call 512-263-2400 to schedule your CoolSculpting consultation.

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